What do you get if you cross an author, photosensitivity, and an absent muse?

A new website!
On the morning of Feb 1st I woke up with the most excruciating migraine I’ve ever experienced in my life! My attempt to attend the 9-5 ended at 8:55 when I walk into the office, turned around and walked back out! For the next 3 weeks my symtoms kept me away from the real world.
Week1 … except for the visit to the doc, was spent in bed and contact with the outside world was made though the wonderful technology supplied by Blackberry internet.
Week2 … spent hidding in a darkened room, without TV, Music, or noise in general. Thankfully I had my computer and my social networks to stop me from going insane without human contact. (Thank you to all who helped) 
Week3 … Although I attempted a return to work. I was still too ill to survive there and ended up back in the darkened silent room for another week … except by this time my muse had chosen to escape the boredom and abandoned me in hope of finding something more entertaining.
Oh woe was me! I’m not a person who does boredom very well … I’m a watching TV while surfing the web and reading a book kind of girl … hence I usually spend my free time writing. Without my inspiration I am lost. So …out with the old and in with the new…. has been given a fabulous makeover and I’d love to know your thoughts ! ! !


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