Looking for Migraine Triggers

I started monitoring what I eat and drink looking for triggers in my diet. So far there didn’t appear to be any pattern or anything to my symptoms. The Pitzotifen was working fantastically.

I felt physically good all day. I spent all afternoon studying for the Certificate in Insurance IF1 qualification and 1&½ hours on my karaoke tonight.

Another day I wrote

I woke up with the pain behind my left eye. It took over an hour to come around and another to get up. Had breakfast and listened to music. Pain behind eye has gone from 5/10 to 1/10. The niggling headache makes me aware that its hanging around every now and again but I don’t need pain killers.

And again

I am on the bus…

The traffic was not too loud at the bus stop (that’s three mornings on the run) and the sound of the bus’s engine is not vibrating through my head. Good sign.

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