This Year Has to Better Than Last Year

Happy New Years!

I hope you all had a fantabulous evening. I ended up in a pub in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. There was barely anyone there and the comedian was quite rubbish. I felt sorry for the poor guy because he kept building up a bit of a chuckle and then dying time and time again. Once it was over it was karaoke disco! I haven’t sung in public since I was Corfu 09 but I did and unfortunately I sounded rubbish, very unlike me but I couldn’t hear myself very well and the track was in the wrong key. We (Paul, Mum, Dad, Aunt Ros and Uncle Rob) counted down and welcomed in the New Year on the dance floor amongst thirty or so strangers and we all crossed arms, linked hands and sung Olde Lang Syne. Very traditional.  

Fortunately for me I don’t drink so I get to enjoy this lovely day. I get to enjoy the breaking of a New Year, a new era, a new chapter in my life without the hangover. But it also means I’m alert and alive enough to reflect on the year gone by and everything I said I would achieve but haven’t.  

Things that happened in 2010

  • Mamma died in January – (Grandma)
  • I staretd suffering with severe migraines.
  • I entered my first competition – The Brit Writers Award and made it down to the final 1500 of 22,000 entries.
  • I ended up being admitted to the medical assessment ward after I started suffering with a reduced sensation down my right side and diagnosed with Migraine with Aura in March.
  • My father-in-law passed away of a sudden heartattack.
  • I spent a week in hospital after a particularly bad migraine attack.
  • I learned they were closing my department and despite being nominated and short listed for a coveted annual award I was not kept on for the final twelve months and was made redundant after 81/2 years.  
  • My cat got really sick and I had to let the vet put her to sleep.
  • I got a new job, and started 6 days after leaving the last one.
  • I went to Cuba ! ! !
  • Someone very dear to me has brain aneuryisms and we’re awaiting the consultants decision.
  • My sister’s AVM has gone.

Broken New Years Resolutions

  • To find a publisher for Life’s A Ball – I have to finish it first.
  • To start writing and submitting my short stories for publication.
  • To keep on top of my blog entries and social networking and internet marketing. They’re important. 
  • To find more readers and get more feedback for my work.

New Year’s resolutions 2011

  •  See above!

2010 has been one of the toughest I’ve ever had to go through. It seem that when I was just reaching the crest of one mountain something tripped me up and I was tumbling to the bottom of the other side and without any time to breath I was staring up at the next one. There were times when it felt like the world was crumbling under my feet and I was running and running and running just to stay on stable ground.

No the year hasn’t been all bad. But I really do hope that 2011 is much better.


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