Can Seasonal Flu Trigger a Migraine?

I returned to Uni at the end of September. A week later I got flu. Its been a long time since I was too ill to go to work because of any reason other than migraine but I couldn’t do anything. Even using the computer just … hurt. And you know me, I’m permanently attached to a computer in one way or another.

The flu developed into a chesty cough which kept me up all night and by the end of week two the migraine was like… “hang on a minute, I’m the one that who’s suppose to make your life hell.”


I haven’t felt right since.

I know my routine must stay as close to normal as possible. So I’m trying to continue with my life as much as I possibly can and the exciting thing about October is that my debut novel Tainted Love was also released (find it here). But I’ve been in and out of the fuzzies, the head pain keeps increasing and decreasing from day to day, my sleep pattern is pretty much non existent right now, and the reduced sensation comes and goes. I’ve had these symptoms intermittently all month. But in best part, I’ve managed, my school work has suffered a lot, but I’ve managed.

Last Friday, the photophobia kicked in. Its too bright outside and I can’t leave the house. No,I tell a lie. I have a small window of opportunity to leave between sunset and the streetlights coming on. The contrasts in the lamps and the darkness also hurts my eyes. I hate being like this. I haven’t left the house during the day for a week and when I do I where sunglasses. Its November! I’m wearing sunglasses. It rains and I wear sunglasses. It snows and I wear sunglasses.

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