A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess

I bought a new phone with an android operating system and with it came this smart little app for reading books! Needless to say I’m in my element 🙂 I love my kindle but its still so precious to me that I’m terrified of losing it when I’m out and about! 

The first book sample I read on my new phone was A Girl Like Me by Gemma Burgess. It’s in 1st person … hummm (see here if you missed my earlier post on 1st person prose) …but I downloaded the book and continued reading.

Abigail is done with relationship disasters and takes her new roommate’s, notorious playboy Roberts, advice on dating. She starts to act like a man. Its vibrant, its energetic, the characters jump off the page and really they have some real chemistry and I enjoyed their journey. What’s more the happy ever after left me all warm and fuzzy. 

4/5 – I enjoyed this one enough to buy Gemma Burgess’s first title The Dating Detox. 


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