Book of the Month: Cocktails for Three by Sophie Kinsella/Madeline Wickham

Well, here’s another author who never really appealed to me, but the world went Shopaholic crazy and I figured I’d give it ago and the intention was there to buy at least confessions of a shopaholic when I purposefully walked into a bookstore. But I found myself looking at “Cocktails for Three” Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeline Wickham.
Cocktails for Three: The Basics – Candice, Roxanne, and Maggie are completely different people and they each have a secret burden they try to hide. One is the fancy free and independant woman who has a secret yearning to no longer be the mistress but the wife. Another is an expertly organised magazine editor, whose talents don’t help her struggles with life as a new mother. The last hides the guilt of a little girl trying to right the wrongs of her fathers doing. Three different women with three separate journeys. One friendship that blossomed over a monthly ritual of cocktails for three.

Hmm … a different pen name usually means a different kind of novel.
So relaxing on the sun lounger by the pool in Cuba, and catching up on most of my reading. I dived into this easy going, not to light, not to serious novel that tackles some difficult life situations without trivalising them. I thoroughly enjoyed the story’s twists and turns. But it was a little predictable at times.
Its a good read whether you’re on a beach or just snuggling up with a good book. 4/5


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