Book of the Month: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Best Selling novelist Dan Brown never really appealed to me at all. What I knew of The Da Vinci Code I could write on the back of a postcard and still have room for the address. And to be honest, I knew enough as far as I was concerned. So imagine my surprise when, after I’d been forced to watch the movie (the things we do for love) I found that I had actually enjoyed it.

So there I was floating through a fantasy cloud that can only be found in an airport departure lounge when I stumbled across a buy one get one half price sale and Dan Brown. I indulged…

Digital Fortress is based around a secret invincible code breaking machine that incepts digital data breaks the code it is written in, reads the data and then lets it continue to it’s destination. But when it encounters an unbreakable code the National Security Agency’s head cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, must help find the solution before it cripples US Intelligence.
There is a lot of techno lingo in the beginning, it’s a little mind blowing and because it is set in a world I have no concept of I found myselt wondering ‘why are you telling me this?’ However as the story progressed it becomes obvious. The details are well explained and by the time they become important I understood it.
There’s a lot of twists and turns, when you think you’ve figured out the culprit you’re wrong. It was exhilarating and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A little romance, a lot of suspence and I reckon it would appeal to both men and women regardless of your usual genre tastes.

Its a cracking read! 5/5


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