Book of the Month: Nora Roberts Summer Pleasures

After reading The Search I went out and bought another Nora Roberts. I was torn between picking up something from a series that I’d already read before or something new. Summer Pleasures is two classics in one and the blurbs spoke to my heart. Writers and photographers falling in love… awww!
Summer Pleasures The Basics: Second Nature: Perfectly poised in every way reporter Lee Radcliffe wants the first ever exclusive interview with the ever elusive Hunter Brown. The horror novelist agrees on the terms she spends two weeks camping with him. Trapped by his eyes that see into the depths of her soul Lee is soon realising its not just the interview she wants. One Summer: Free spirited Bryan Mitchell takes on an assignment to photograph one summer in across America with the brooding photojournalist Shade Colby. Its not the ideal assignment but she’s determined to make it work, except the only thing they can agree on is the sparks that keeping igniting between them.
I absolutely loved Second Nature! I connected with the characters, as a writer I also understood both the successful Hunter Brown’s opinion of writing for the joy of writing and Lee’s fear of failure and therefore not completing her first manuscript regardless of this acclaimed author telling her that she was good. I got this one on every level and was disappointed I had to put it down to go to sleep, first thing I did was make a cup of tea and pick it up and start reading again. Gripped!
One Summer not so gripped. I did read from start to finish almost. But I was able to put down and pick up at leisure. It started off great. I was hooked but the more Bryan gave in to her fear. The more disconnected from her I became. I will say that Nora Roberts still created that magic with words that kept me involved, One Summer just wasn’t for me.
So I’m not above admitting that now I’m hooked. 4/5.


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