Book Review: Wasteland by Patti Larsen

Fresco’s Back! But he’s tainted by the betrayal, abduction and loss of many loved ones. He has inner demons as well as outer ones. In taking on the corporation who destroyed the only place he found peace Fresco discovers the truth about the drug ‘Wasteland’, the experiment he was born into, and the heritage he is entitled to.

I was addicted to Wasteland. (LOL! Sorry, pun not intended!) My kindle went everywhere! I walked and read…I resented having to stop reading at the end of my lunch break… it draws you in from the first chapter and then its away and hours later you’re coming up for air. If you’ve read Fresco, you’re already prepared for this dark world but Patti Larsen gets darker. Wasteland takes a deep look at addiction through the eyes of when a user who doesn’t see the wrong in what they’re doing…. Exhilarating!

5/5 – Be prepared to resent “real world” interference!!!


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