Divided Heart by Patti Larsen (HCN #9)

Oh my! We left Syd in Wilding Springs as the new co-coven leader of the Hayle Coven and about to embark on college. With no first chapter I had no idea what to expect from Divided Heart. 
So … Here comes Harvard. Syd is looking forward to a life where being a witch is normal. People won’t reject her and trouble won’t follow her. But hey, c’mon this is our Sydlynn, perpetual trouble magnet wearing sore thumb. Almost immediately Alison’s echo is stirring up trouble trying to get the Vampire virus that feeds her life force. Then a series of teacher lead embarrassments, a jealous stand off, arguments, witchy slap downs, the Dumonts twins, Vampire nests, jerky boyfriends, pouring out true feelings from best friends and Syd is having a really tough couple of days.
Syd’s old school friends are here too. Maths genius simon and Mia’s ex-Blood but they soon get involved with witches and Syd is concerned. And rightly so, they’re normals. But this time no one has her back. Her mom is doing everything by the book. Quaid is being a jerk about everything and the only people Syd can rely on is Sass the Cat, Grams’ advice and Liam. And then Syd is attacked by vampires also after the vampire essence. It breaks free of its prison and settles in Syd. Cool new power or poisonous virus?
Poor Syd is learning just how tough being an adult and a coven leader really is. 

I really love this series

Syd is like a friend who you get to talk to very often but when you do you’re up all night long because you just don’t realise how much time has actually passed. And I love how even though Syd was in a new place, and everything had changed, that familiarity wasn’t lost.  

The pace of Divided Heart is much slower than the other Hayle Coven Novels. Syd is adjusting to a life where she’s standing on her own two feet and when all the people she’s ever turned to before don’t have her back its a tough lesson to learn. Bravo to Patti! This is not something that happens just once and its over. It happens over the course of Syd’s journey as it would in real life and the build up just keeps piling on and on, and Syd just keeps mentally prep talking her way through it – she is awesome and she doesn’t care what they all think – when each hit is really taking it’s toll. When it finally gets too much for Syd (no spoilers) I cried.

For all of you who read my reviews and think they’re biased… here’s a surprise for you : I didn’t love Divided Heart. I prefer the earlier full on action packed, but Patti’s exceptional story telling and ability to make the impossible seem real is phenomenal. Even with Divided Heart I felt like I was there with Syd every step of the way. I’m in no way shape or form switched off from the Hayle Coven Novels.
 In fact… PATTI… HURRY UP WITH BOOK #10!!!


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