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Stop everything you are doing right now


I know I only posted on book 9 of the HCN series, Divided Heart, last week but I was holding out until I’d finished my uni work and eventually caved in to read it. And even though I didn’t love it, it was still an excellent read.

And after reading First Plane I’ve a million more questions and speculations about what is to come but this time I’m not sharing. I don’t want to spoil First Plane for you.

We left a broken hearted Syd at the beginning of her first semester at college, with best friend Liam pinning for her to feel for him the way he feels for her. She has the vampire essence playing nice and the rest of the witch community running scared because she defeated a blood magic user. But she’s got a new gang of witch friends and alls going good in her life. Even the relationship with her crazy busy high council leader mom is settling down.

Princess of the second plane?

Its Christmas and Syd has returned to Wilding Springs when her Dad crosses over from the demon plane and tells Syd and Meems he wants them to cross to the demon plane they have a whole family they dont know anything about, including their Grandmother who is the ruler of Demonicon and she would like to meet them.

Upon arriving in Demonicon Syd and Meems are assigned their ranks within the demonic world. They are now at risk of attack from other demons wanting their status and power. If they are to survive this world they most learn the ways of their demonic heritage and fast. 

Syd and Meems tag teaming and kicking demon ass is a book not to be missed! 

Little meems has grown up so much and really shines. Syd’s typical me against the rest of the world is in full force but First Plane really demonstrates how much she’s matured. She’s intimidated by no one and doesn’t show fear. When all of the other demons (her cousins, aunts and and uncles) are practically cowering Syd steps up and in her own special Sydlynn Hayle way says “Um, lets just get one thing straight I am not just a demon. I am also the leader of the Hayle coven, a sidhe princess and the essence of all vampires created by the maji. Do not mess with me!”  You’ve gotta love her!

First Plane is one hell of an action packed heart pumping never stops for a moment ride. You wont have chance to figure out who’s behind it all because it just doesn’t stop. Its laugh out loud funny right from the off, with Sassy and Grams (love Grams) both on form!

The only down side was the end. I soo didn’t see that coming. And after everything the Hayle’s have been through as a family that happened. I can’t spoil it for you but I cried.No one died but I cried. Again!

This was by far the best in the Hayle Coven Novels. I’m so excited for Light and Shadow!


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