#FridayFeature – Dark Promise by Patti Larsen (HNC #13)

Friday’s are about the end of the working week. They’re about clocking off at the end of the day and knowing its the weekend. So each week I aim to bring a #FridayFeature that showcases a book or an author you can to enjoy at the weekend (or at any other time).

This weeks feature comes in the form of my all time favorite series Patti Larsen’s The Hayle Coven Novels. I got my paws on Dark Promise less than 12 hours ago and here’s why I recommend it for this weekend. 

Dark Promise – Hayle Coven Novels (Book #13)

Just before Christmas, tucked away in the back of Queen of Darkness (HCN#12) the sneak peek at Chapter One of Dark Promise revealed college student and all round supernatural super witch/demon/vampire/sidhe princess Sydlynn Hayle had been unwillingly ripped from the earthly plane, across the veil to the demonic plane and to her dying Grandmother’s side, just in time to figure out the ruler of all Demonicon was murdered! 

My fan-girl brain went in speculation over drive! The power dynamics in Demonicon are so complex, Syd herself could possibly become the new ruler of the demon planes. If not then her dad, Harry, would become ruler and all hope of him telling Ahbi where to shover her second seat and going back to Miriam is lost. And if that is the case, there’s the future stepmom and the half-siblings. …. These last six weeks have been the longest. Ever!

So I wasn’t disappointed when Syd was accused of Ahbi’s murder!  

And… Harry’s first duty as the new ruler
is to prosecute his own daughter.
What the hell?!
And… When she’s found guilty (which she inevitably will) she will be stripped of her powers and put to death! 
Oh. My. Swearword!
Why didn’t I consider this curve ball?

Syd’s no stranger to running head first into dangerous situations but in Demonicon, she’s already a target because she’s a princess of the second plane and second heir to rule behind her dad, and now she’s accused of killing Ruler she’s not safe anywhere, not even from herself. The death pact sealed by her grandmothers dying words threatens to kill Syd if she doesn’t avenge Ahbi’s murder. 

The attacks on her life come thick and fast and for the first part of the book action just doesn’t stop as Syd attempts to escape her father’s guards and those who want her handed over to them. Her only source of help comes from the rebels against her family’s rule. But didn’t she learn a valuable lesson about trust the last time she was on the demon plane? Their agenda
is  to create civil war while Demonicon is at its weakest, after all.

Super-Syd is chasing
all over the demon planes attempting to track the one who killed her grandmother,
evading her father’s guards, and suffering with the a serious case of the hots for the only person who
seems to want to help her. Cut off from Syd’s usual support network, Larsen does a fantastic job of creating the right mixture of suspicion, warmth, repulsion with a whole new cast of characters.  As well as a bubbling chemistry between Syd and her the rebel demon boy Ram. The banter between them had me giggling quite a few times.
Yet again, I find myself up all night because of the adventures of Sydlynn Hayle. I absolutely adore The Hayle Coven Novels.

Get your hands on a copy of Dark Promise at Amazon USAmazon UK, and if you don’t have a kindle or kindle app go to Smashwords for all other reading devices.

If your new to the Hayle Coven Novels the series start with Family Magic

To find out more about Patti Larsen go to pattilarsen.com


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