Enforcer by @PattiLarsen (HCN#18)

Difficult Choices

Erica Plower’s eyes widened as she set her cup aside, glancing sideways at Mom. The former second of my coven, now my representative on Council, wasn’t exactly on my side. “The law is clear, Syd,” she said, blonde hair, once a cute bob, now grown out to rival my mother’s long, black locks. “And you’ve broken it. We’ve pushed our willingness to accept a little leeway, but with the approach of conclave…” She sat back as the others—minus Mom—murmured their agreement. “You must get married.”

So that’s what this was about. They’re worried about saving face? I sent the tight mental question to Mom.

Witches are always worried about appearances, she sent with a heavy dose of laughter in her voice.

Nice to see someone found my imminent doom amusing.

Conclave approaches, a full two months after Syd’s twenty-first birthday. With no husband decision in sight, she instead focuses on the gathering of witches come from the four corners of the globe to debate and create law. Her plan to scour all of witchdom for Brotherhood influence encourages Miriam to open the proceedings to every magical race. But, in doing so, she leaves the door gaping for the enemy to come knocking…

Enforcer Review

 This is probably the best Hayle Coven Novel so far!

 Enforcer sees the entire magical kingdom descend on Winding Springs for a conclave to secretly scout out the true effects of the Brotherhood thrall. As we know, diplomacy and politics are not Syd’s strengths. She’s overwhelmed with the goddess worship from others, boredom, and not to mention that small matter of the responsibilities, duties and expectations of her cover leader role. Syd’s running out of time to choose between the men in her life who want to marry her and the one who loves her, doesn’t want her to marry anyone else and yet won’t marry her himself. It’s a good thing the Brotherhood have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep Syd and her allies occupied. It’s time for the rest of the magical kingdom to wake up and taste the bitter Brotherhood coffee Sydlynn Hayle style.
 Syd and her egos are totally on form, I giggled so much through Enforcer. Once again I’ve devoured the entire book in one sitting, lost time (because its early hours and I’m sure that much time couldn’t have passed since I picked up my kindle). I love the way Larsen pulls surprises on you, as much as I thought I knew where the plot was heading the words ‘I so did not see that coming’ crossed my mind quite a few times. Even Syd’s choice of husband surprised me.

There’s so many great things I could tell you about Enforcer, but I don’t want to spoil it. It’s another magical must read for everyone. 

The preview first chapter of HCN 19: Coven Leader is a mixture of heart warming and heart breaking, its torture. I still feel a little emotional. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. 🙂
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