Coven Leader by @PattiLarsen (HCN#19)

Warrior Bride

I felt Liam reach for me, turned again, train of worry broken, beaming, full of joy. And for a long, seemingly endless moment, it was he and I and the magic singing between us.

Congratulations, Ameline’s mental voice broke through my happiness and slapped my temper so hard my demon howled in fury. For saddling yourself with further baggage. She laughed coldly. Well done.

I cut her off, Liam’s power thrumming with concern as I shook my head, wedding night mood ruined.

The bitch.

Syd’s made her choice, marrying Liam, much to the pleasure of the High Council and her family. But her honeymoon is cut short when Fate comes calling at last. Syd’s final confrontation with the Brotherhood leads her into more danger than she’s ever faced—and throws her headlong into a last battle even her power might not be enough to overcome…My Swearword!

Coven Leader Review

I confess I wasn’t overly impressed by Syd’s
choice. My preference is the vampire clan leader, Sebastian. But until
now he’s been awaiting Syd to rescue him from the clutches of the
Brotherhood’s inference with his clan. But Coven Leader opens
beautifully and yet again Patti Larsen had emotions clogging up my
throat. But the newlyweds are soon interrupted as Syd rescues Sebastian
and no sooner is she home she’s called into action again, leading her
friends into the Enforcer Stronghold. Only to have Meira call to her
from the Demon Plane…. And this is only the beginning of Coven
Leader…. Yikes!

I’m warning you, you won’t want to put this one
down once you pick it up and you won’t notice the hours sliding away
because Coven Leader is a heart stopping, action packed, roller coaster.
Syd finally joins forces with
Ameline to face their destiny. But
Syd’s family, the coven and the extended “family” in the other magical
races she’s adopted throughout her journey, which have become equally
important to her, are threatened with tragedy beyond the Brotherhood.
Syd’s family and destiny collide in such away that Coven Leader is a
painstakingly bittersweet investment worth every second …. And every
teardrop. (Kleenex at the ready!) 

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