Girl Incredible by Patti Larsen

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kit McLean.

She’s funny, intelligent, and has an incredibly exciting past time as a paranormal super spy (even if that is inside her own head). I love her!
Like most high school kids Kit has to deal with the kids you shouldn’t mess with, but in Kits case the kid you shouldn’t mess with is being controlled by an evil manipulative psycho of a child who definitely gets his comeuppance. Thank god!

I was great to meet another of Larsen’s character with whom I can fall in love with. It was fabulous to see Kit (and Patti) tackle the seriousness of bullying and cyber bullying with the sensitivity it deserves while also providing a powerful message to her readers both the young and young at heart. Don’t suffer in silence, don’t be ashamed of who you are, and talk to someone – anyone – and finally, you may feel it but you are definitely not alone.

I know there’s more exciting adventures on its way and can’t wait for book two!

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