A Fleeting Moment

“For A Fleeting Moment you were by my side, Just a short comparison to this life long ride”

November 2007 I said goodbye to many of my friends in the Customer Retention Department and made a bold new step into the unknown world of Fleet Motor Insurance. Little was I to know this was where I was going to find a home. Somewhere I could work forever if my dreams of becoming a published author never panned out. I was happy, and when you have a psychogenic voice disorder being happy and comfortable in the place where you spend most of your life and with the people you spend most of your day with, is one of the most important aspects of avoiding reoccuring larengitis.

In my previous posts I’ve mentioned the looming threat of redundancy. Well, that day finally arrived and A Fleeting Moment is my tribute to a group of people who have been scattered into the big wide world like a starburst from the Fleet Department.


Read the poem A Fleeting Moment and more Poems written by Erin Cawood at erincawood.co.uk.

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