The things I say …

On the colour PURPLE ….
“Life is very unpredictable … there are very few consistancies within it … however, me and my love of all things purple will last forever”

Thursday 12th March 2009 – Facebook

On having a bad day ….
“Ever had one of those days … where the thought of becoming Godzilla’s dental hygenist is more appealing than ever stepping back in to the office?… Well … After the day I’ve had I’d rather be Godzilla’s tooth pick !”

Friday 6th March 2009- Facebook Notes
On her horoscopes ….
Changes are a foot … well anyone who’s seen the amount of shoes in my drawers at work could tell you that! theres erm … a red pair, a white pair, a black pair, a purple pair. But if I’m going into new areas of my life then I guess I should buy a new pair!
mmm…. My stars told me to buy a new pair of shoes… I like it!

Friday 6th March 2009 – Facebook notes


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