Today, Something Really Awesome Happened

So this week the M word (see page tab above) has given me hell. More than usual and more than I’ve been able to cope with. There’s been tears and there‘s been sick days in bed. Now I do not take kindly to staying in bed all day long. Migraine or no migraine. I just can‘t do it. But this week there have been days where I haven’t got out if bed. 

But this week there has also been that really awesome moment when you write the final word in the final draft of your manuscript and you know its ready for other people to see. Squee! This is so exciting! It means Behind Closed Doors will hopefully stay on schedule for a March/April release. 

I wonder if I’ll ever get use to this rush.

This week I’ve also had the mockups for the covers of Behind Closed Doors and Whispers Behind the Curtain. They were lovely. Truly Awesome. How did I choose between them? Then suddenly it occured to me there are now three covers out of the ten Valentina Secrets books and they have look like belong together in this series. Once lined up together with the cover of Tainted Love, and with a little reassurance from friends in the know, the decision was easy. I can’t wait to share them with you. 

Also this week I’ve confirmed Tainted Love’s first blog tour, which I‘m really looking forward to. You know suddenly, I feel like a real author. Not like I was playing at it before or anything but the second time around it seems less like a dream come true and more … real!


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