Book Review: The Hourglass by Sharon Struth

I’m not sure how many books feature main characters who are reaching middle age or features the obvious signs of aging but I do know I’ve never read anything like The Hourglass before. 
Last weeks Friday Feature is a thoroughly enjoyable read. The main characters Brenda and CJ meet and clash at a writer’s conference,  and after being a stubborn assed jerk, CJ has to rely on Brenda to help with his next book. Both Brenda and CJ have demons. Things which haunt them from their past and prevent them from moving on with their lives.  But meeting one another means they have to face the ghosts that haunt them.
It’s not so much their journey that makes this novel, because I didn’t find it to be the fastest or the most gripping novel to read, however it is a page-turner and the chemistry between the two main characters is fun. They challenge one another, make each other face truths in the other. Things they’ve been running from for so long. They’re engaging and with so many near misses I found myself waiting for the first kiss.
In the books ive read in the past, characters of a certain age dont seem to make a big deal of it. But Struth handles the gradual aging process beautifully.  The insecurities of the male and female characters from wrinkles to unexpected loss of a spouse and taking steps to move on,  and the biggest one of all guilt. 
I loved it all the way to the last word! 

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