Maybe Tomorrow


A feel good summer beach read about love lost and rekindled on a second chance holiday.

Four days can change everything.

Dr. Keon McGowan has pictured his ex-wife’s death a thousand times. After all, ten years ago Darcy abandoned him and their daughter Lily, in favour of chasing butterflies around the Amazon rain forest. So why then, when she’s given just weeks to live, does the bottom fall out of his world?

Compelled to provide Lily with lasting memories of her mother, Keon invites Darcy to spend four days with them at a family retreat. Perpetually caught between the desire to kiss Darcy or kill her, he realises that to rest of the world she might be just one person, but to him, she is the world. And with Darcy’s imminent death his world is about to end.

Can Keon convince Darcy to undergo treatment one more time to fight for a tomorrow they may not have?

From the author of the Behind Closed Doors series, a second chance love story caught between fate and destiny. A story about how one bad decision can lead to a lifetime of regrets, choosing between planning for a future and living for today and what happens when love doesn’t heal a broken heart. | 

Maybe Tomorrow Reviews #1

I loved this book!

No perfect hero, no awkward but fresh faced heroine, just two deeply flawed people who made some HUGE mistakes, on a journey that takes us along for the ride. It is emotional, at times very painful, raw, real, sad, frustrating, tender, but never boring. Darcy and Keon have lost so much, hurt so much and done irreparable harm to each other….this is truly a story that begs the question, sometimes is love enough.

~ MParks, Amazon Reviewer

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