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Sometimes, you don’t see the line...

After surviving a serial killer’s attack Julia Swift has spent the last seven years married to the man who promised he’d never to let anything bad happen to her again.

But even while living under Wayne’s protection bad things happen to Julia all the time.

Cawood writes in a very flowing and compelling style.

It is easy to identify with her characters and she litters her works with thrilling tidbits woven into what starts out as an innocuous tale. Her work is engaging and will appeal to readers who enjoy a dark blending of thriller and romance.

– Amazon review “Bookfiend”

Psychological abuse is just as dangerous as physical abuse

This is the kind of story that builds on you and then makes you want to jump out of your skin. Everyone who reads it will understand all too well how a beautiful and talented young woman like Julia can find herself trapped in a psychologically abusive relationship. I look forward to reading the rest of her story, and I can’t wait to dig deeper into what the truth is about the mysterious Ashleigh.

-Deborah Nam-Krane, Author of The New Pioneers