Crossing Lines

A gripping psychological thriller/romance for fans of women’s fiction family sagas.

Behind Closed Doors Book Three

Sometimes, you have to cross the line…

The last thing Darryl Hawthorne needs is for global megastar, Ashleigh Jordan, to rock up in the middle of a family crisis and demand his help. She wants him to pose as her lover and secretly council her best friend, whom she is convinced is being abused. Knowing the truth about his sister’s marriage, and how well Faith hid it from him for more than twenty years, Can Darryl really refuse Ashleigh’s request and deny Julia the help she needs?

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Behind Closed Doors Book Three

For every life you can’t save, there are hundreds more you can.” —Faith McKenzie

Seven years ago, psychiatrist Darryl Hawthorne ran out of time to save his sister, Faith McKenzie, from death at the hands of her ex-husband. Now, he’s running out of time to protect her children from the secrets still tearing them apart. With the family spiralling out of control, the last thing Darryl needs is multi award-winning actress, Ashleigh Jordan, begging for help. As a specialist in domestic abuse, Darryl knows pretending to be Ashleigh’s lover in order to counsel her best friend, Julia, is a line he should not cross. But it’s one he must bypass if he’’s to save Julia from her abusive husband.

Despite the walls he’s constructed around his heart, Julia reaches deeper into Darryl’s soul than anyone ever has. She views his life, his family, and his past with a clarity he’s never had before. In Julia, Darryl sees the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel and delving into Julia’s relationship with her husband resonates deep with Darryl’s conscience. So deep, the lines between doctor and patient blur to something more akin to friend and lover. Too deep, in fact, for Darryl to ignore it when Julia becomes the key to saving his family and changing the very core of who he is.

Falling for a patient is not acceptable, falling for another man’s wife is just as wrong, but when faced with both, will Darryl do the right thing by Julia and her marriage? Or will he prove to Julia that in order to live, and love, and to be loved the way she deserves to be loved, that sometimes, you have to cross the line?

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