Maybe Tomorrow

A stand-alone, feel good summer romance about family, forgiveness and second chances. Maybe Tomorrow is a contemporary women’s fiction family saga for fans of single dads, enemies to lovers and family dramas.


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A Stand-Alone, feel good summer romance

To the world you’re one person, but to one person you are the world.

When Dr. Keon McGowan’s ex-wife walked out of their marriage ten years ago, he swore he’d never forgive her. He’ll certainly never forget the way she abandoned their new-born daughter, Lily, to chase butterflies around the Amazon Rain Forest. So when Darcy ends up in his hospital in a critical condition, Keon isn’t prepared for the onslaught of residual anger or the intimate connection he’d once believed to be love at first sight.

Coming face to face with the woman who broke his heart after all this time, Keon realises that he has never fully healed from it. But any chance of finding closure is ripped away when Darcy chooses to end treatment and live her final weeks without regret. It doesn’t take Keon long to realise young love’s mistake wasn’t rushing into their marriage, it was letting Darcy walk away so easily. But with her mind already made up, can Keon let her go a second time? Or will he fight for a tomorrow they may not have?



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