Woke up at 1:30. Head feeling like it was going to explode. Not painful. just pressure and tingling at back and sides. Right side tingling. Went downstairs for a drink and ibuprofen.

Dozed for another hour.

Woke up sudden reduced sensation down right side. Dry mouth. Worse than ever before. Can barely feel anything. Considered ringing ambulance until realised still had power although feeling wasn’t there.

Lay for a further hour willing self back to sleep, gave up in end. Sensations subsided to manageable level until I returned to bed at 10am. They increased in intensity again. I managed to snooze for a couple of hours. No change when I woke up.

Still have random tremor?


Kept waking throughout the night. Not fully awake but out of sleep. Experiencing pain on right side. Difficult to describe. Its like having a dead leg when the sensation comes back. Painful and yet not painful.

Reduced sensation intensifying when I lie down.

Head pain is still intensifying when I lie down.

Tingling sensation has spread to my face overnight.

Trembling still happening at a whim.

Still sensitive to strong bursts of light.


My GP was concern I may have had a stroke over the weekend and now had Residual Ischemic Neurologicial Deficits, due to the sensory loss I’m experiencing. He asked me to write my name on paper with my eyes closed and I couldn’t. I didn’t know where my hand was. He sent me to see the stroke team at the hospital.

Stroke specialist noticed the tremor. He’s the first medical professional to draw attention to it. But he says its diffinitly migraine/neurological. My symptoms don’t sound like stroke. He arranged for a CT scan to be sure.

CT is clear. Admitted to neuro ward. Neuro Dr. thinks its mirgaine. But he has said the severe migraine attack was more than 24 hours ago and less than 7 days and therefore if there was any RIND it wouldn’t show on CT Scan right now. I’m admitted until I see my consultant when he rounds tomorrow.

Neuro Registrar working in my consultants team has assessed me. He is also certain it is migraine and I am better off at home and in my own bed. Discharged. I have an appointment will my consultant in three weeks anyway.

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