And They Wonder Why I Want to Write? – Burrrrr!

So here in the UK, where experience yet another really poor winter. Last year’s winter was really bad with tempretures plummeting around the country for weeks on end. This year they’re predicting the same. This snow is just going to keep coming.
So let me tell you a little bit more about how inconvenient this bout of snow is.
Remember how I had a cake to make and get to school for my niece and nephews? Well, I was called into work early because the buses were stopping running due to the ridiculous conditions. Traffic had come to a complete standstill and taxi services had completely stopped operating. I don’t blame them. But I had to walk 2 mile in calf high snow that was only getting deeper to school carrying a cake then a further mile to work. And they closed the school on the day of the fair!
And they wonder why I’d rather be a writer, so I can work in my toasty warm home office and choose when I want to experience this weather. My God! My hair was frozen by the time I got to work it was that bloody freezing out there… Burrr!

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