Day 1 – In Ward 23

I’ve never been in hospital before. So this was new and very frightening for me. They were confident I had a complex migraine but the consultant neurologist wanted to do a MRI scan just to be sure. 

I woke up with a real bad migraine on the Wednesday and I had the reduced sensation in my arm and leg. But they hadn’t allowed me to take the Pitzotifen the night before when I was admitted. I was given Ibuprofen and paracetamol for the first time and they really didn’t touch the pain. So I was given codeine to top up the pain relief. The pain level was still around 6/10 and increasing as the night progress.

I took a shower and had the Pitzotifen. Whilst I lay in bed the sensation began. It was as though I was going to start trembling but not trembling. Very strange. A little bit like the previous trembling episodes I’d experienced. I fell asleep before I could tell the nurse.

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