Day 2 – In Ward 23

I woke up that morning tingling down my right side. I also felt much weaker than it had for the last few days and any other period before. I had little strength in my right arm, unable to push away the table, life the water jug, or my mobile phone. I had a teensy headache but it didn’t require any pain relief… I still had an aversion to pain meds… my poor liver!

I was wearing my sunglasses which helped with the light sensitivity. I was doing OK until they started cleaning the ward and the noise from the machinery was like a thunderstorm. I had to ask for pain killers.

The sensation in my right sensation was still present, varying in weakness. I have proper pins & needles, today. I’d forgotten what that feels like.

I saw my consultant neurologist today. He’s changed my meds to a combination of Epilim Chrono and Amitriptyline. He’ll see me as an outpatient in twelve weeks.

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