Day 4 – In Ward 23

I slept like a baby. I was completely out of it before they came around with the last cuppa until about 5am. Then I dozed until 6, and then again until 7am.

I felt much brighter, but whenever I put my head on the pillow I felt like I was lying on a brick. Then my forehead started to hurt and I felt like I had a migraine (drowsy, spaced out, etc). I know, what you’re thinking … I did have one! 

My cheek was still tingling and felt numb in places (from my cheek bone and alone the jawline) and my lips were tingling on the right side. My leg was joining in on the action too, and I was losing strength in my right hand if I wrote for too long.

I was sat indoors with my sunglasses on, as per usual.

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