Disciples of the Dark Destroyer Ruined My Summer

I had a further two weeks off work. When I tried to go back I couldn’t cope in the office at work due to the noise. When I did eventually go back I was on reduced hours so I could work during the less busy times. I worked for six weeks at reduced hours.

I suffered numerous panic attacks, lethargy, reduced sensation, tremor, nausea, sleeplessness. I was fuzzy/cloudy, certain voices triggered migraine pain, I head visual disturbances. I was jittery, had temperatures, sinus pain, nose bleeds.

Over the counter pain killers stopped working. The neurologist told me not to take pain meds for a few weeks and changed the Amitriptyline to Nortriptyline.

When the heat wave hit… I suffered. I couldn’t seem to drink enough, and I never slept enough. I was averaging 4 hours a night. Felt like I had a band around my head. I went to the cinema and left with a migraine.

I was prescribed Meptid, non codeine based pain killers to help with the pain because 30/500mg co-codamol were no longer doing anything. (And I’m a wuss, honestly in January these things were like horse tranquilizers to me). These new tablets knocked me off my feet so I couldn’t take them. The only good thing was my symptoms were manageable enough to work through.

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