Eat At Your Own Peril

I have this list of foods known as “eat at your own peril”. These are foods I can eat today and will be on my back with a migraine within the hour. But I’ll eat them tomorrow and they don’t bother me. Like Chocolate, and KFC, and Cheese. The only thing I have completely banned is Full-Caffeine Coffee. Its a flat out ‘no-no’ and instant migraine.

So yesterday, I was tempted into trying my first Krispie Kreme doughnut. OMG they’re absolutely De-Lish!

However, within 5 mins the sugar rush from the frosting had my head spinning. I was so spaced out couldn’t focus and my speech was going. I had to take strong co-codamol tablets. The headache is still there now. It’s at a manageable 4/10.

So Krispie Kreme, you are not banned completely… not yet anyway… but I shall eat you at my own peril…. probably during holidays and on my days off. When I think your worth the risk. LOL!

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