I wish I’d Never Gone

9 month’s he told me! 9 months he said!

I was at 15 months by the time I saw the Neurologist and not too happy because I was in a right mess. When it boiled down to it I spend on average 2 in 3 days with migraine symptoms. The Dark Destroyer is destroying my life!

And do you know what the nice neuro-guy told me?There is no cure.YAY!

It was clear the Epilim Chrono had stopped being effective. So he changed my treatment to Topamax / Topiramate. But I had to come off the Epilim slowly and then slowly build up the Topiramate, increasing the dose every 2 weeks because this is a more powerful treatment and some patients can’t tolerate it and I’ve been warned about getting pregnant while taking this medication. I have no desire for children anyway… that’s what my nieces and nephews are for 😉

He’s put a plan B in place. If I can’t tolerate Topiramate I can take Betablockers. I don’t like this idea due to the side effects. He also wanted me to try another Triptan. Rizatriptan as it melted on the tongue.

The neurologist wrote a letter explaining my condition, my symptoms and the history/current my treatment plan for my doctor and sent a copy to me. It stresses I am disabled by the condition and unable to work during an acute attack. The condition is incurable and that any treatment will only reduce the number of migraine days I have.

What’s a girl to do now?

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