Introducing “My Hero!”

Without a hero you have no story and yet unless your reading or watching the latest action thriller would you consider the main character to be a hero?

What is a hero?

A Hero is:  

  • A person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved something great
  • The main male character in a book or film who is usually good
  • Someone who you admire very much

 You’d think that as a writer I’d be more concerned with the second definition from the Cambridge Dictionnary… but actually … for this series I’m interested in all three. I hope to bring an insight into the how creators of fiction think. How does an author form the hero of their novel? Do they draw the qualities from the heroes of modern day society? If they are writing heroes then who are the writer’s heroes? I’ve invited several guest bloggers to join me in sharing their views on this subject and over the discussion will continue over the coming weeks.


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