It Hit Me Like A Brick!

Within the space of 40 minutes I went from fine to what felt like dying at the time.

I became light sensitive and sunglasses didn’t help.

I was sound sensitive with a ringing in my ears.

I had a gradual reduction in sensation down my right side. It felt like that numbing moment before you get pins and needles. My right hand was swollen and the veins her much more prominent. 

I also had the makings of a corking head. Pain killers at the ready.

This day… I’d overdosed on caffeine, chocolate and Chinese. You see for the past five weeks, since I’d been diagnosed with Migraine with Aura, my super fantastic doctor had advise me to cut down on my coffee intake. He said I shouldn’t have more than 3 cups of tea or coffee a day. I’d been maintaining this.

This day I had …

  • 2x 16oz Lattes
  • 1x Diet Coke
  • Chocolate Profiteroles
  • Chocolate Crispy Cakes
  • 2x Tea

The air conditioning at work had also been broken and the office was unbearably warm, we had a fuddle at work so I also had pizza, samosas, and a Chinese buffet for my evening meal.

The migraine began as I left the Chinese restaurant and began to walk home.

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