Just break up with me already!

The headache stayed with me for the whole weekend and when I woke up on Monday I felt cloudy, headachy. I was well enough to go to work, a little light sensitive but nothing sunglasses couldn’t handle. 

But I have to walk under a long railway bridge and at rush hour its pretty loud. It was like someone had turned the bass up to max. It had rained the night before and sun was glaring off the road, blinding me. I was in agony by the time I reached the office.

I tried to stay at work. I dived into the silence of the ladies toilets hoping to ease the symptoms but once they were back they were adamant they were going nowhere. I tried to work but… I was on the verge of tears it was excruciating.

I came home.

I made it three paces and crashed out on the sofa for the entire day. The headache returned that night and despite painkillers it didn’t go away. The pain was everywhere. Wherever I lay my head it pounded the most. The most painful point was the top/back left side. I couldn’t lay my head in the position at all. I had a temperature. It was the 1st March and I was over heating to the point of needing the window open to sleep.

My doctor wasn’t concerned by this when I called the following morning. They told me to manage it with pain killers and if the headache was that severe again I was to make an appointment. (Hilarious! I couldn’t freaking move to use the blasted phone!)

For the next few days I managed it by alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen every two hours so that I was getting a pain relief boost every two hours just to get through work.

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