Maybe I’ve OD’d on Pain Meds???

Its now 5 weeks since my migraine began and I’m sure I’m starting to rattle like maracas. I never taken so many tablets in my life! I think I’m taking too much.

I’d woken up with an odd sensation in my right arm. It was difficult to describe. Sort of like I’d slept on it funny, but not. I was finding it difficult to grip my pen a work. No, that’s the wrong way to describe it too. I had hold of the pen and I could write fine but it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like I had hold of the pen properly.

I stopped taking the pain medication on a Friday and the sensation went away.

The sensation came back on Sunday and it stayed. I had every intention of discussing this with my doctor the next day but the team were short staffed and we were very busy at work. I didn’t feel right taking time off for a doctors appointment that day.

At about 3pm on the Monday I experienced a sharp pain in my head. Behind my left eye began to ache and then I started to feel sick. When I got home at 17:15 I went to bed.

I booked Tuesday afternoon as annual leave and spent the time in bed still recovering from whatever happened on Monday. It helped a lot.

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