Migraine Report – 15/08/12

I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish for about a week. But I know its down to the change in routine. (I’ve had a week annual leave from work to celebrate my birthday) I always feel rubbish getting back into the routine. This time I’m determined not to have any time off sick.

I came home from work on Sunday feeling lethargic and rubbishy and ended up sleeping for 2 hours on the sofa, which meant of course I didn’t sleep on Sunday night because I have permanent alertness from the topiramate. 5am I eventually went to sleep and then I was awake by 9am.

Monday was okay. But then yesterday I rapidly went down hill. I was asleep by 2 in the afternoon and I slept through until I had to go to work. I woke with slight numbness all down my right side (slight’s probably the wrong word coz it was about 25% and I’ve still got the altered sensation now but its not as bad). I cant stand up for too long, otherwise I feel very spaced out and completely drained of all energy. They’ve changed my shift at work for tonight night instead. But I’m not feeling that great today either and I’ve taken pain meds this morning. They’ve lasted about 2 hours.

I don’t know whats worse. Feeling crappy and not having the energy to physically go out, or having the energy but also having the auras that make it impossible to go out.

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