What the **** is this?!

I woke up on Wednesday 10th March 2010 feeling absolutely fantastic!

I hadn’t been able to say this for 6 weeks. It didn’t last long. By 9:30 I feeling out of sorts and the odd sensation in right side was getting worse. Over the last few days my right leg had started to feel weird too. Occasionally I felt like I was limping and like my foot wasn’t really on the floor properly. To be honest, I thought I was imagining it. I could use both my right arm and leg fine so… they were fine, surely?

By 12:30 my right side was cold compared to the left side. I have to say THAT was totally weird! You could draw a line done my body where the temperature changed.

I stayed like that until 2:30 when I began to tremble. I was so unnerved by this I ended up leaving my desk. I went outside and sat on the wall. I work by a canal so I thought the air and the quiet would help. But the trembling spread. My whole body was juddering. I couldn’t stop it. Unless I completely tensed my entire body I couldn’t control it. The second I relaxed it started again. Then it just stopped.

I not sure exactly how long this lasted, maybe about 10 minutes but … WTF?!

I was at the doctor the next day. Of course I was!

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