My Tool Kit – Shay Fabbro

Since I write scifi/fantasy, I MUST have a notebook with all of the information on my characters and planets. Now that I’m working on the last book in the trilogy, most of the information is in my head at this point. J

But it’s nice to have the info handy in case I need some little tidbit. My notebooks are full of all sorts of neat tidbits. One section I come back to over and over is the one full of potential character names. If I hear or see a name that seems particularly interesting, I write it down for future use. For me, naming characters can be challenging. It’s important to use names that fit the genre. I find it amusing when people read a portion of a fantasy book and complain that the names are weird. They wonder why the author doesn’t use names like Kate and George. 😉 Honestly, would Lord of the Rings been as powerful if Frodo and Aragon had been called Fred and Carl? Readers of the fantasy genre want to be whisked away to a different world filled with strange creatures, magic, and names and places that are unfamiliar.


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