Nortriptyline Counters Topamax Side Affects

I have 2 big side affects from the Topiramate and I know I’m really lucky with this side affects because these tablets are horrible. So horrible you have to change them if you get pregnant. (I’m at the age where this keep being drummed into me. I can’t get pregnant on these tablets.) Should I be worried about what these tablets are doing to me?

So, I have permanent alertness. I don’t sleep, like ever!

I’m lucky if I sleep for more than 4 hours a night … and that’s not conducive to avoiding migraines.

Secondly, I have panic attacks.

So the registrar in early September told me I had to start taking the Nortriptyline every night because it’s also used as a migraine preventative treatment. And when I started taking the Nortriptyline the panic attacks got fewer and further between. I also started sleeping more. So as an added bonus the nortriptyline offsets the side affect of the topiramate. 

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