Sorry But I Cant Stand the Sound of Your Voice…

This time the migraine started in my eyes. Even though it was overcast and raining I needed sunglasses as I walked to work. I had no problem listening to my cheesy pop music on the way.

By 9:45 I knew I needed pain killers. I wasn’t because I had a headache, but I was getting used the signs of an on coming migraine. You just don’t take the risk .. would you jump a level crossing if you knew a train was coming?

By 10:00 the voices in the office had driven me into the ladies with my hands covering my ears. My ponytail had felt too tight and I’d taken the band out but the sensation didn’t ease.

I had an email to send and a customer complaint to handle. I couldn’t focus on the email. And the second I heard the customer’s voice I knew I couldn’t speak to him. His voice rattled ever nerve in my head and it was pure agony. It almost reduced me to tears.

I normally have no problem handling difficult customers, arguing their point or handling the challenges but with this particular customer I could not. I couldn’t read premiums, answer questions, respond to anything. The longer the call went on the more pain I was in. I had to put the customer on hold when I just couldn’t take any more. I was trembling. But I couldn’t explain to anyone what the problem was or why I couldn’t speak to him. I couldn’t speak at all!

I left my colleague to deal with the customer. I ended up curled up in a ball on the floor of the disabled toilets trying to calm myself down. I was super freaked out. I did leave work after this. I walked home using the walk as an opportunity to get my head around what happened. My right side was weaker than the left. My left eye felt like it wanted to close, as though the muscles were tighter. I was exhausted.

My doctor reassured my this was the migraine.

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