Pitzotifen Stopped Working

28th May, I started feeling headachy, This was intermittent and the feeling of migraine head in certain place of my head seemed to move around. It continued over the bank holiday weekend and on the Tuesday I became very light sensitive. The migraine hit during my walk to work. It took 3 hours for the ibuprofen to take the pain away. A dull ache persisted for the next few days.

On Thursday there was a high pitched screeching sound in the office. It kept going off intermittently and lasted between a few seconds and up to a full minute. I was driving me nuts. It reverberated in my skull like nails on a chalk board and each time it went off the pain intensified. I was climbing the walls and had to take ibuprofen in the end.

The noise was still there on Friday, although the pain was not so bad and I made it through the day without pain killers. The weekend was also pain free, but I was incredibly hot. My right hand and foot felt swollen and where the Pitzotifen would usually knock me out for 10 hours didn’t have any effect on my sleep.

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