Return of the Dark Destroyer’s Disciples


I woke up with tingling sensation in my right hand and leg, the more I use them the weak they get.


Still have the reduced sensation, its more of a numbness than a tingling sensation.


I’ve been to casualty as recommended by GP because the symptoms have lasted for 3 days. I’ve been sent to the medical assessment ward and I’ve had a CT Scan. The neurologist has given me too options I can be admitted until I have an MRI or I can be classed as an Inpatient although I can go home they will ring me to arrange the MRI. Um, let me see… I think I’ll go home and sleep in my own bed thank you very much.


MRI appointment. Hate MRI. The machine REALLY aggravated the dark destroyer of my life and feeds the pleasures of its disciples. They make my day hell. Sooo painful.


Back at the hospital, the neurologist has increased the Amatriptyline. he also suggests non-drug alternatives such as yoga and pilates.


Feel fab, but the doctor won’t sign me back to work.

Tuesday 29th March,

Feel great, back at work.

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