Solitary Confinement Gets More Human Contact Than Me

As a writer I used to wish for the days when everyone just goes away an leaves me alone!

Not so much anymore.

The Disciples of the Dark Destroyer attacked me recently, and we’re now 9 weeks later and I’m still appreciative of being able to enjoy human contact. It started with my hairdryer. The noise drove me mad. By the time I was at the bus stop I couldn’t cope. And the rest of the disciples followed.

Over three weeks I was tortured and tormented with no one but my internet friends and my novel characters to keep me company. I wrote a whole novel in this time. It’s so difficult to live like this. I can’t go anywhere because I can’t cope with the noise. It also means I can’t listen to music, talk on the telephone or watch television. When I have a weakness down my right side I can’t do domestic chores. It takes all day to clean the bathroom or the kitchen because I have to do it in stages and then spend hours recuperating before doing the next stage. I can’t listening to the sound of the washing machine, the dryer or the dishwasher. I can’t listen to the sound of running water so showering is awful, if the reduced sensation means I have the ability to stand long enough to shower. If not then running a bath is hell. But the most annoying of these things is the kettle. I cant cope with the sound of the kettle boiling and I have to go upstairs until its boiled. That’s what really p’s me off.

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