The Big One Begins…


My body temperature was through the roof… its new thing. And I have a sensitivity to foaming agents and preservatives found in bathroom products, so I’d put it down to the reaction to products I’d used when showered. But the sunlight reflected through the window at an awkward angle and I was in agony and in bed within an hour.

Two days later, I was slowly recovering. I’d got the tight band sensation from ear to ear over the top of my head like earphones and I felt like I’d been sleeping on a brick. Then I lost 50% sensation in my right side while in the shower. I couldn’t stand up for too long because I felt dizzy… another new thing.


Woke up reduce sensation and weakness in right arm and leg. I couldn’t manage the stairs and struggled holding a cup. Dr. wanted to see me and sent me to the Medical Assessment Ward.

Random trembling in right hand, limping in right leg. They’re confident this is my migraine. If no change by Monday I’m to be referred back to them for a scan. Recommended not to take codeine based tablets, due to codeine based headaches.

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