The Pressure’s off But its Getting Worse

My employers finally got it. They requested a medical report from my GP and agreed no further action until they received it.

But I the disciples were making my life hell. I started suffering with a pressure pain and my head was sensitive to touch. I needed to take pain killers more days than I didn’t. The headache pain moved around my head. The floaters in my eyes were more prominent. I struggled to see my computer at work sometimes. I’m longsighted and even with glasses I needed to enlarge the screen size. I lost concentration frequently. My doctor was uncomfortable with the idea of using Triptans again due to the symptoms I experienced which landed me in hospital last time – unfortunately my allergic reactions are also migraine symptoms so its difficult to tell if they’re true allergies. Instead I was prescribed Metacloprimide:

Apparently, with migraine your digestive system slows (which is also why you may become constipated – apologizes but its true!) so your stomach doesn’t absorb pain relief as quick or as well as it could. (Jeez, Can you see why I refer to it as the Dark Destroyer and it’s disciples now? LOL!)

Where was I?

Yes, so anti sickness meds to help absorb the pain medication and deal with the symptoms better.

By the time I saw the Neurologist in May, I had 1 week of migraine free life and then over several weeks the symptoms gradually got worse, built on top of one another until I experienced a full blown attack and I’d spend a week on my back unable to move. Then, the cycle would start over again.

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