The Wonder Drug!

The Consultant added a wonder drug to my concoction of Topiramate and Nortriptyline. This tablet changed my life! It controlled the tremor, it brought the migraine symptoms under control, they told me I’d be lucky if I got less than 10 migraine days a month considering my chronic migraine condition… and …

Well, the disciples of the dark destroyer still like to make their presence known and sure there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not reminded by one of them but they don’t bother me in comparison to what they used to be life. I go about my life almost the way I used to. I’m say about 90% of who I used to be. I have limitations and I live with them.

And the wonder drug is … ?


Yes I was amazed when this worked too. The idea behind it is a daily dose of aspirin can reduce the length of prolonged auras like mine and I’ve had amazing results from this combination of medication. The results have been so good that my consultant has referred my case back for my GP to manage. He doesn’t think we’ll get anything better and although I’m still his patient I no longer need to see the neurologist unless the migraines become a problem again.

Because you can buy aspirin over the counter I’m going to recommend you DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. I haven’t shared the daily dosages of any medication I take and this treatment plan works for me and my migraines. It’s not wise to self medicate. If you think this could work for you then discuss it with your medical practitioner or specialist first.

(This disclaimer was added at the time of posting 01:30 13/08/2012 – The post was backdated to October 2011 in keeping with the timeline of my migraine story)

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