Tremors – And I’m not talking movies, sorry.

As the migraine started to subside the tremor in my right hand started to get worse. I discussed this with the neurologist at the end of September 2011. Its due to the repeated loss of blood flow to my right side.

The muscles in our bodies move so fast that we don’t notice them, unfortunately for me I do. Depending on how the Dark Destroyer is feeling on any given day the tremor will go from barely noticeable to uncontrollable. In days when its uncontrollable in my right hand I also experience tremors in my right leg and foot.

The tremor is considerable worse when the reduced sensation is bad and there are times when I can’t put pen to paper because I can’t physical control my hand to write. I’ve had to ask people to open pre-packed sandwiches for me because I can’t grip it with my right hand, or even hold it to open with my left and I once spilled a cup of tea on a colleague because I was fine when I left the kitchen but by the time I’d carried our drinks to his desk I couldn’t hold his cup any longer. It was about 15 meters away from the kitchen.

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