Non-Symptoms But Really They ARE Symptoms!!!

From the 1st March onwards I was feeling like I had vertigo. You know that spaced out, biazarre feeling, where you head moves and you brain moves a few seconds later. Ick!

I also experienced symptoms which I thought I was in my head… you know, I was making up. Call me Miss Hypochondriac.

I didn’t feel as sharp as usual, like I couldn’t think on my feet, respond instantly in certain situations such as dealing with customer complaints. I was previously a team Complaints Champion, not a competitive title, a title given to me because I mentored my colleagues through handling their complaints and took over if it became necessary. Complaints were never a problem for me, until now. Its like I hadn’t been prepared for them when this is stuff that’s ingrained into my DNA.

I found reading information back to customers difficult. I could see the word knew what it was but actually saying it wasn’t happening. And sometimes I tripped up over my words. And alliterations were horrendous!

My favorite Chinese dish is Crispy Shredded Chilli Chicken for months I could not say this phrase. I can now! 🙂

If you look into the symptoms of various Migraines you’ll find these are all symptoms of migraine even though they don’t seem like symptoms at all.

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