Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases


Careless Whispers – (Behind Closed Doors Book 4)

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Mimi Jordan has lived in the shadow of her perfect sister Ashleigh for her entire life. Her identical twin is prettier, funnier, more talented, and has everything her own way. She’s even living Mimi’s dream as an internationally acclaimed movie star. Everyone has fallen under Ashleigh’s spell, they’ve forgotten Ashleigh wouldn’t be where she is now if she hadn’t stole Mimi’s role in daytime soap opera LA Sunset. 

But when Ashleigh is critically injured on set. All eyes are on Mimi to step into Ashleigh’s shoes in order to one; protect Ashleigh’s privacy, two; save the movie that is already behind schedule and over budget and three; attend an award ceremony she’s already refused, as her sister. All three intricately involve her sister’s new love interest, Justin Rameriz, the very same man who stood Mimi up at the altar.

Will Mimi get back what’s rightfully hers and is revenge worth revealing the real reason she fled to New York eight years ago?



Beyond Tomorrow – The McGowans (Book 2)

Baby sitting his sister-in-law’s spoiled and clumsy younger sister is the last thing Dr. Cormack McGowan imagined he’d be doing on a brother bonding trip. But Bernadette volunteers as his brother’s last minute replacement on their charity cycling challenge in China when Keon’s wife is too sick for him to leave her and their daughter alone. So, Mack agrees to look out for the accident prone eighteen year old. The problem is, dress in her cycling gear, Mack can see that Bernadette is no longer the cute little kid he’s know most of his life. She’s a siren in the making and causing one hell of stir in places no man should have to suffer while cycling 4000 miles.


Life’s a Ball

In the world of business law, Elle Richards is perfection personified. After spending the early part of her career fighting off rumours that she’s slept her way up the corporate ladder, she’s now the Head of Corporate Services at one of the most prestigious firms in Yorkshire and known for her ability to maintain impossibly high standards across her team. For Elle to make a mistake is unheard of. But when she does, they’re catastrophic and usually of the romantic kind. So when her boss Adam Lacy disappears, she ends up in an one-sided argument with their most important client -and her ex- before inadvertently announcing to a room full of people that Adam is cheating on his girlfriend, and that’s just the beginning of what turns out to be a Valentine’s Day from hell. At the end of it, the punishment for her serious faux-pas leads to the most romantic lip lock Elle has ever had in her life… with Adam. Suddenly every mistake Elle has ever made is biting her on the ass and the lessons in love she’s learned from them are reminding her why risking her reputation, career and heart on a man know for his six week relationship shelf life is a temptation she can’t afford.


The Playing Devil’s Advocate Series

Book One: Playing by the Rules

Book Two: Playing to win

Book Three: Playing for Keeps


Currently, the Guardian’s of Light is 4 nine episode serials with 3 part finale, stay tuned for this.