Using A Friend for Inspiration?

I was recently talking to a friend and she was having a dilemma. I don’t see it as a massive problem, but then we don’t see each other very often and I haven’t been able to witness the problems she’s experiencing the only thing I know about it really is this conversation we shared through Blackberry Messenger (BBM). But her whole predicament inspired an idea for a novel. 
When I mentioned this to my friend she was especially cool and relaxed about the whole idea. She’s like the best friend a girl could ever ask for, and she’s supper supportive, and she loves reading my work. This is not a friendship I’d risk, ever!!! 
So, do I write the story?
1) Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, life is one big muse and its the way we, as writers, interpretate this inspiration and mould the words that create the story.
2) Its never wise to use the people you know in a creative piece of writing, or using their personality to create the character. If you use people you do know borrow traits good and bad from many of the people you know to shape the character, until you have a feel for who this character really is.
3) Change their appearance, their dress sense, their likes and dislikes. Make the character unrecognisable to you and those around you.
4) I think the most important word of advice I could give is: Consider your friends feelings. It’s their life and their ups or downs that have inspired what could potentially be a fantastic story. But I don’t think I’d ever forgive myself if I’d broadcast her world and then she never spoke to me again.


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